Indra Purs

Indra Purs Indra Purs




2022 - present Riga City -Council City Development Department, City Architect’s Service chief city landscape architect

2022 – present President of Latvian Association of Landscape Architects

2016 - 2022 Latvian Association of Landscape Architects board member, foreign relations, project
management -

2021 - present Ogre Technical College lecturer

2021 - present Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia, Construction Council member

2019 - present Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, National Architecture Council member

2019 - present Member of Network of European Landscape Architecture Archives - NELA

2018 - present Urban Institute, Board member

2016 - present LAAA Delegate to IFLA Europe - European Region of the International Federation of Landscape Architects
Chair of the IFLA Europe New European Bauhaus Working Group and IFLA
Europe representative to New European Bauhaus Collective

2016 - present LAAA Delegate to IFLA - International Federation of Landscape Architects

2017 - present BSRLA Baltic Sea Region Landscape Architects Group, alliance establisher, delegate, project leader

2002 - present Purs consulting Ltd. - owner, researcher, landscape architect, financial consultant

1997 - 2001 EY Latvia Ltd. senior auditor


2009 - 2012 Candidate of Dr Arch in Landscape Architecture doctoral studies in Landscape Architecture

2003 - 2009 BLArch Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture and Planning

1997 - 1999 MSocSc in Business Administration

1993 - 1997 BEcon in Financial Management MAJOR RECIENT PROJECT EXPERIENCE

2020 - present Law on Architecture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia member of development working group

2020 - present Actualisation of occupational qualification structure of construction industry, ConstructionnIndustry Experts Council, member of working group

2020 - present Occupational standards “Landscape Architect”, “Landscape technologist”, “Environmental Designer”, moderator of development working group, expert

2020 - present National Acoustic Concert Hall project development group - researcher, member

2020-2021 Architectural strategy 2022-2027, Design strategy 2022-2027, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia; member of working group

2021 - present 1st Latvian Landscape Architecture Award – LAABA 2019, LAABA 2022 - member of curating team

2019-2021 Riga Architectural Award 2019, 2020, 2021 - researcher

2017 - 2021 EU COST Action “REthinking Sustainability TOwards a Regenerative Economy” Latvian delegate, circular construction subgroup leader

2015, 2016 EU University-Business Forums in Brussels, BE, Vilnius, LT, Helsinki, FI - delegate

2009 - present Author of several international scientific and professional publications, numerous reports in international, national scientific and professional conferences and seminars

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