The next #LICPD day “Health, Wellbeing and Place: How landscape delivers positive change” London, 26 March 2020

The next #LICPD day “Health, Wellbeing and Place: How landscape delivers positive change” London, 26 March 2020

In this continuation of hugely successful 2018 event in Cardiff, industry experts will lead talks, interactive workshops and site visits to create a multifaceted CPD experience for practitioners across thewhole landscape sector.

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Discuss how landscape underpins public health and wellbeing; see the benefits of green infrastructure for healthier communities; and achieve positive health and wellbeing outcomes through sustainable design and effective urban planning.

Speakers include

  • LI President Elect Jane Findlay, Founding Director at Fira
  • LouiseKing and Iain Tuckett of Coin Street Community Builders (CSCB), who
  • Julia Thrift, Director of Healthier Place-making at TCPA
  • Dr Helen Hoyle, Senior Lecturer in Healthy Built Environments at the University of West England
  • Harmony Ridgley, Adult Lifestyle Policy Implementation Officer at Public Health England
  • Sarah Preston, Senior Advisor for Natural England’s Outdoors for All programme
  • Alex Valenzeula, Public Realm Director at South Bank Employers’ Group

Learning outcomes

  • Get to grips with the very latest evidence linking green infrastructure to
  • Reframe the debate: hear how a health-led leads to better understanding and more effective design outcomes
  • Discover the challenges of maintaining high-quality public realm in Central London and the benefits of community-led development
  • Understand the policy and evidence base that informs the Healthy Active by Design
  • See how to implement a comprehensive design checklist within a development process, ensuring healthy outcomes from inception
  • Become confident, equipped and inspired to advocate for healthier environments for all
  • Discover the collaborative Health in all Policies (HiAP) approach that is
  • Facilitate healthy play and create safe, sustainable,long-lasting play areas to accommodate large numbers of children of all
  • Hear the NHS’s latest ambitions for nature-based interventions, preventative care and social prescribing
  • Get the latest on national partnership work being undertaken across government
  • And much more!

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