IFLA Europe Council of Europe Working Group issues Press Release on Landscape Architecture profession


The General Assembly of IFLA Europe was informed of the presentation of the Report on the ‘Professional Recognition of Landscape Architects to the Conference of the European Landscape Convention in May 2019.

The Conference ‘took note of the Report on ‘Professional recognition of Landscape architects’ prepared in the framework of the Work Programme of the Council of Europe for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention by Michael Oldham as Expert to the Council of Europe which highlights the importance of the contribution of the profession of landscape architects to the well-being and aspirations of society, and considers the need for recognition by the parties to the European Landscape Convention.

Amended the draft recommendations presented and adopted the Statement of the Conference of the member states of the Council of Europe to the European Landscape
Convention on the profession recognition of landscape architects.

Statement of the Conference of the member states of theCouncil of Europe to the European Landscape Convention

Wishing to promote the professional recognition of landscape disciplines including landscape architects:

Encourages the State Parties to the European Landscape Convention:

a) To formally recognise the profession of landscape architects at national and international level

b) To support a multidisciplinary approach to landscape through cooperation of all relevant professions in all phases of the planning process.

c) To increase the diversity of disciplines in the training in landscape professionals, particularly regarding science, management and planning.

At the meeting of the Conference, where all 39 States Parties to the Conference were represented, the Statement was passed unilaterally, there were no dissensions, which is significant in demonstrating the strength of support.The Council of Europe’s Steering Committee for Culture, Heritage and Landscape (CDCPP) who commissioned the report received the Report without comment at its meeting on the 12-14th June. The Council of Ministers on 16 October 2019, at the 1357th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies, the Committee of Ministers took note of the abridged report of the CDCPP, as it appears in document CM (2019)144, as a whole. Globally, this is excellent news and will help landscape Architects in many countries.However, there are 39 members States to the Council of Europe who have ratified the Convention,only 10 have regulated status for Landscape Architects as far as the EU (separate body) is concerned.Though further work is now required, particularly that of questioning the legality of suppressing the title ‘Landscape Architect’, which is still the case in some countries, and will be followed by the IFLA EU’s Council of Europe Working Group, we wish to inform National Associations of this important step taken at the European Landscape Conference, which can be a tool for the National Associations to use in their country towards the accreditation of the profession. A copy of the final report (dated 23 July 2019) including the adopted Statement is available on the IFLA Europe website.The adopted Statement is also available as a separate document.

Council of Europe Working Group - Ana Luengo, Michael Oldham, Carlo Bruschi, Herman van den Bossche, Indra Purs, Leor Lovinger, Niek Hazendonk.

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