Environmental planning will become landscape architecture

Environmental planning will become landscape architecture

The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Iceland has confirmed a change in the name of the environmental planning course into landscape architecture course FÍLA, the Association of Icelandic Landscape Architects, encouraged the Agricultural University of Iceland - AUI to change its name upon its request for recognition of the programme by IFLA EUROPE - the European Region of International Federation of Landscape Architecture, for recognition of the program.

This change will allow us to connect the study even more closely with the profession of landscape architects and make it more visible” says Kristín Pétursdóttir, Director of Landscape Architecture at the Agricultural University of Iceland.

There is an increased emphasis on connecting people to nature and it is important that sustainability and an ecological approach take precedence. Nature has never been so much in focus and it is important to work for the future. Whether protecting sensitive natural pearls or designing a frame that fits well with the environment, a landscape architect combines knowledge in the fields of natural and environmental sciences as well as knowledge of architecture and design.

At the Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI), we have successfully educated people in environmental planning or back-ground studies in landscape architecture for nineteen years, and it is therefore exciting to develop the program further with the name change.

Letter from the Ministry of Education:

A letter from the Ministry of Education to the Agricultural University of Iceland on September 5, 2007, confirmed that the Agricultural University of Iceland had been recognised in the field of Natural Sciences along with certain sub-categories. The recognition extends to the subcategories of the academic field i.e. natural and environmental science, forestry and land reclamation and environmental planning. The English sub-category is Landscape Planning and Architecture. Since the school is recognised by the above-mentioned subordinates in the field of science, the Agricultural University of Iceland decided the name of the programme and the Ministry of Education and Culture does not have any objections on its intention to name the programme “Landscape Architecture.

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