Advertise with IFLA Europe! ENSP’s EMiLA Fellowship 2020-2021 - European master in landscape architecture’s Fellowship from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paysage France!

Advertise with IFLA Europe! ENSP’s EMiLA Fellowship 2020-2021 - European master in landscape architecture’s Fellowship from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paysage France!

The EMiLA fellowship at ENSP Versailles and Marseilles is awarded annually to an emerging designer or confirmed landscape architect, whose work articulates the potential for
landscape as a medium of design in the public realm in the frame of anticipatory transformations at territorial and urban scale. The position is a one-year position at half time. The teaching language is English.

Who we are: Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paysage.ENSP has educated Landscape architects at The Potager du Roi in Versailles since 1974 at the demand of the Ministry of Agriculture and created a new corpus of landscape architect designers capable of answering to urban, suburban and agrarian modernisation. The school educates students to the highest level. Each year 55 students obtain an internationally recognised master degree in landscape architecture named DEP (Diplôme d’Etat de Paysagiste). There are 32 permanent teachers and over 200 specialists and professional bodies contributing to the rich field of teaching practice.

ENSP’s area of specialisation is within project-orientated design teaching in studios Emphasis is placed on the physical, geographical and human uses of the landscape. We focus attention on the opportunities inherent to the site, its surface topography and hydrology as well as invisible relationships such as the dialogue with history. We strive to develop our thinking by understanding a ‘sense of place’ and this approach is fundamental to our ethos as we conceptualise and selected projects. The work finds focus in large scale contemporary landscape issues, such as sub-urban expansion themes, agrarian transformation in rural and sub rural areas as well a project-orientated understanding of the agricultural and natural dynamic in France’s regions. At ENSP 50% of our teaching is Design-Orientated the other 50% deals with 4 major multi-disciplinary fields: Social sciences; Ecology sciences/Garden management; Techniques and Arts.

ENSP has a Research laboratory, LAREP, with 14 multi-disciplinary researchers working on landscape issues. There are two main working axes: Knowledge and design processes “Savoirs et Pratiques du projet de paysage” and Landscape policies “Action publique et projet de paysage”. Larep offers a PhD in Landscape architecture sciences and has 15 PhD candidates.

The EMiLA team: EMiLA is a master’s degree run by five leading European schools and universities:

- Amsterdam University of the Arts / Amsterdam Academy of Architecture (AHK)

- Universitat Polytècnica de Catalunya (UPC)/ Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura (ETSAB)/ Escola Superior d’Agricultura de Barcelona (ESAB)

- The University of Edinburgh/Edinburgh College of Art (ECA)/ The Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA)

- Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH)/ Fakultät für Architektur und Landschaft

- Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paysage Versailles/ Marseille (ENSP)

The aim of the master is to foster students to be more aware of the European dimensions in landscape either at policy level as at territorial level through design and be able to understand better our cultural landscape differences. Moreover, the curriculum offers students to learn from other schools/universities’ pedagogic methods and create their new network. (


The EMiLA fellowship is intended to reinforce the partnership of our EMiLA partners but also open our collaboration to other EU or International candidates. The aim is to
increase recognition and foster emerging design educators whose work embodies the potentials for landscape as a medium of design. The other objective is to start
merging research topics in the field of landscape that could foster our institutions to work on together.

Agenda of the Fellowship:

The candidate will take part in

- the EMiLA summer school and/or give a lecture in some of the EMiLA partner schools.

- a studio at Master 1 level on urban anticipatory topics on large Park systems and a studio named “Explore the World in time of climate change”. This is the only studio at ENSP related to a place where the students are not going to visit the site. These studios are run during fall in a semester taught in English. You will be attributed one or two studios depending if the candidate stays a semester or a year at ENSP.

- Run a personal research during 3 months in link with his/her own research

Due to changes in the pedagogic programme or if the candidate is researching on a specific landscape topic, changes and adaptation to the teaching offer can be provided.

The EMiLA fellow will be appointed:

- Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at ENSP on the site of Versailles for the academic year 2020-2021.

- It is a part time position. The position can be negotiated to be a full-time position during a semester or a half time position during a year.

- We offer a residence at the Potager du Roi – a one bedroom appartment.

- The candidate is expected to be in residence from September 7th, 2019 through June 2021, or if half time from September 7th, 2019 to January 20th, 2021.

- The candidate taking part in the EMiLA summer school ( optional) should be free from 23rd of August to 3rd of September 2020 and join the team in ESALA Edimburgh.

- The candidate receives a French salary: depending on the candidate’s curriculum this can vary from an annual salary of 10 800€ to 15 000€


Landscape architects and designers from a range of allied design professions who can demonstrate a significant engagement with landscape as a medium of design are invited to apply. Candidates can come from EMiLA partner schools or from any other EU or international schools/universities or from practice. Candidates from practice should show links with teaching.

The Selection Process:

A jury composed of leading figures from the EMiLA partner schools and Ecole nationale supérieure de paysage will select the 2020-2021 Fellow. The two-stage competition process will identify a short-list of three finalists who will be invited to interviews with the competition jury. The jury will recommend a winner to be announced publicly in early spring 2020 – probably mid April 2020.

A selected candidate can summit up to three times this application.

How to Apply:

Please submit the following application materials in the form of a single PDF (not larger than 25 MB):

- Current curriculum vitae

- Two-page proposal describing the design/research project to be undertaken

- Digital portfolio of design work articulating landscape as a medium of design for the public realm on large scale territorial transformations and/or urban innovative processes.

- Contact information for 3 references

Please name the PDF EMiLA_Fellowship2020_Lastname_Firstname.pdf;

Submit the PDF by email attachment to:

Deadline to Apply: 31st of March 2020

Information on:

- School’s policy: Vincent Piveteau Director:

- the landscape architect curriculum: Bruno Tanant:

- EMiLA’s curriculum: Karin Helms

- the school’s research programme, Larep: Patrick Moqyay

Other questions related to the school, Géraldine Lecanuet: /

International office’s phone number: +33 139246266

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