Professional Practice Committee Chair: Katerina Gkoltsiou, Vice President Professional Practice, PHALA, Greece

The aims of IFLA Europe Professional Practice Committee:

  • Review membership requirements within the member associations and the status of landscape profession/professionals in European countries;
  • Update the overview about landscape internship possibilities/rules and first professional working experiences opportunities.
  • Follow-up requirements and the modifications processes going on in Landscape Architecture, Landscape Planning, Urban Planning and Public Space Design across Europe to raise the awareness about their effects on landscape architectural professions and human environment.
  • Promote the exchange of information among member associations about policies and professional practice requirements for working in landscape architecture/planning fields in foreign countries
  • Mapping of possibilities/obstacles/difficulties for landscape architects across Europe.

Members of the Professional Practice Committee by projects/Working Groups:

Green Infrastructure/Climate issues Working Group:

  • Leor Lovinger, Chair, ISALA, Israel
  • Tony Williams, ILI, Ireland
  • Diana Culescu, ASOP President, Romania

Council of Europe Working Group:

  • Ana Luengo, Chair, AEP, Spain
  • Michael Oldham, Honorary Member, UK
  • Carlo Bruschi, Statutory Advisor, AIAPP, Italy
  • Niek Hazendonk, NVTL, Netherlands
  • Herman van den Bossche, ABAJP/BVTL, Belgium
  • Leor Lovinger, ISALA, Israel
  • Indra Purs, LAAA, Latvia

Background photo by Ruben Joye

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