Education Committee Chair: Margarida Cancela d’Abreu, APAP, Portugal

The aims of IFLA Europe Education Committee are:

- To encourage the development of landscape architecture courses across Europe and to monitor and review their compatibility with the aims of IFLA Europe.

- To promote common IFLA Europe/IFLA education guidelines to National Associations and European Universities/schools teaching landscape architecture programmes.

- Ensure solid Landscape architecture education across Europe for effective professional practice.

- Work with IFLA world level and ECLAS to promote a comprehensive world-wide listing of landscape architecture education.

- Offer guidance to associations wishing to set up accreditation systems if not already in place and offer advise for the development of new schools with the support from the recognition panel if requested.

- Provide permanent updated information on European Landscape architecture programmes, for students’ movement and professional recognition.

- Promote a common education platform with ECLAS and ensure cooperation between academic and professional organisations promoting landscape valuation.

- In countries where landscape architecture as profession requires more visibility and recognition, particularly assisting National associations in contacts with national governments and policy makers.

    Education Committee works with the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS), UNISCAPE, European Commission, Council of Europe and other organisations and bodies that share the same objectives and vision.

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